World Class Builders of Tethered Helium Balloons

We are not the largest manufacturer of tethered passenger balloons, but our engineers are among the finest, and we absolutely love what we do!


All AeroBalloons are built here in the U.S. and may be shipped anywhere in the world. We look forward to working closely with you on your balloon project.


(Forty-passenger tethered helium balloon)

Standing 37 meters (122 feet) tall, and with a 100% moulded composite and honeycomb Kevlar gondola, the new AeroBalloon AB-40 is the new undisputed World Record Size Tethered Helium Balloon ride.


(Twenty-passenger tethered helium balloon)

Our flagship balloon and the World Leader! The AB-20 is the latest and greatest in tethered helium balloon design, combining the finest design and function elements. The AB-20 is an excellent fit for the widest range of balloon attraction venues. Because of its super sleek design, the AB-20 can affordably and profitably be launched at marquee venues for shorter seasons of 3-12 operating months annually.


(Five-passenger tethered helium balloon)

An excellent fit for pristine city parks, smaller operating areas, and shorter operating seasons between 1–12 months. The AB-5 can be deployed in just a few days; and removed in one day.

2nd Hand AB

(Second Hand AeroBalloons)

From time to time, AeroBalloon has 2nd hand AeroBalloons for sale. Please contact us for any available inventory.

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