World Class Builders of Tethered Helium Balloons

Founded in 2002 by Douglas Hase, AeroBalloon USA, INC. recently completed a total redesign of existing passenger-carrying tethered balloons. Taking the time to reevaluate each and every component, our new AB-20 (20-passenger balloon) is airship and composite engineering at its finest. For example, the AB-20 gondola is a 100% custom molded composite laminate with a high strength honeycomb core resulting in a super strong, super lightweight gondola. Because of the tremendous weight saved (as compared to heavy metal gondola used with the 30-passenger balloons) a much higher % of the balloon’s helium volume is used to lift passengers and to provide free-lift, instead of having to lift a heavy metal gondola.



Our engineering team’s wide and varying expertise consists of designing airships, aerostats, 50-foot racing yachts, bridges, hot-air balloons, ultralight aircraft, and of course AeroBalloon systems.



Each of our balloons is outfitted with a powerful internal lighting system creating a full-moon experience at night. Each balloon system is capable of six flight cycles per hour. We can produce your balloon in your choice of color. Each balloon may carry full-color art of your choosing.




AeroBalloon has sold and or operated balloons that have been launched in Central Park, New York City; The Boston Common Boston, MA; India; Thailand; Colombia; Houston Texas’ Discovery Green Park; San Francisco Giants Baseball Stadium, AT&T Park San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; Lake Winnipesaukee, NH; Navy Pier Chicago, IL; Orchard Beach, New York; Florida; The Coffee Region of Colombia; Texas Rangers Baseball Stadium Dallas, TX



We are not the largest manufacturer of tethered passenger balloons, but our engineers are among the finest, and we absolutely love what we do! We look forward to working closely with you on your balloon project.



We currently build three AeroBalloon models to fit your needs. Each are built here in the U.S. and may be shipped anywhere in the world.

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